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The Egg

Project description:

The Egg is a living sculpture and kinetic environment. Its form is made of illusory and impossible geometries that challenge our constructs of conceivable form.  For example, the sculpture can simultaneously seem to stand still and move rapidly, its shapes may multiply or conjoin, or split into colored bodies that widen and overlap in space.  At the heart of the sculpture the artist, Joel Dream, is suspended from its center as a living statue.  He spins slowly as geometries tornado from his umbilical region and encapsulates him in a bubble-like environment.   The aesthetics and expression of the sculpture are created through dynamic patterns of flashing lights that illuminate in precise concert with its motion.  The expression of the lights as well as its speed and centripetal force are controlled in real time by the artist via subtle hand gestures while wearing a radio-linked control glove.  The glove and all control electronics and software were designed by the artist to allow an intuitive and widely variable aesthetic so that his body and will extend into and act as the impossible forms of his environment.  When a performer is not suspended inside, The Egg provides an experiential environment for anyone curious to enter.